20 Must Know Tips Before ERP Implementation (Part 1 of 2)

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Posted by: briansittley Comments: 0 0 Post Date: August 12, 2014

20 erp tipsEveryone in the ERP business has their opinions about “what matters” when it comes to successful implementations.  Fortunately, most experienced implementers’ opinions are informed by years of doing it – doing it wrong and doing it right – until the ones still standing have a pretty fair idea of how to make an implementation work.
Thus, we mostly tend to agree on many of the key success factors.  In this and the next post, we’ll list what the folks at Panorama Consulting say are 20 key tips they align with.  While we have a few quibbles – like for example, we think the process analysis (or what Panorama calls the Business Blueprint) should be the first step to a successful implementation, not the second, as they opine – still, for the most part, businesses would do well to heed their advice overall.
By the way, you can find Panorama’s presentation of these points in a 10 minute YouTube video here.
So in the sharing spirit, we’ll take a look today at their first 10 Must-Know Tips:

  1. ERP is about your business, not the technology.
  2. ERP initiatives are very challenging.
  3. Selecting the right software is the first step in a successful ERP implementation (we respectfully disagree; we think it’s further down the list – the business analysis should come first).
  4. No ERP software is perfect. All have their strengths, weaknesses and tradeoffs.
  5. A business blueprint is the second step to an effective ERP implementation (as noted in no. 3, we beg to differ… though our overall objectives are the same.)
  6. Business process re-engineering should happen before, not after, you implement your ERP software (here, we couldn’t agree more strongly).
  7. ERP software best practices and pre-configuration solutions do not solve all the challenges of ERP (in other words, oftentimes, change and modifications are still necessary.)
  8. SaaS (Software as a Service, or “cloud” software) won’t eliminate all your risks either.
  9. Your project will fail without adequate organizational change management.
  10. Executive buy-in and support are critical to ERP success.

In our next and concluding post on the topic, we’ll look at the remaining 10 Must Know Tips.  Stay tuned…

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