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Our 1000th Post: A Time For Change!

This blog came to life on August 11, 2009 and now, ten years on, it’s time to say adieu. When you start something like this, you have no idea [...]

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30 Years of ERP Advice Boiled Down to 1 Page

So here we are at our blog’s post number 999.  That’s a good opportunity to put some final summary thoughts to our years of ERP blogging by suggesting [...]

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Is Your Job Safe… Or Are You Among the ‘Precariat’?

“As technology drives people out of the middle class, economists say, it’s pushing them in one of two directions. Those with the right skills or education graduate into [...]

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When Your ERP Software Is Being “Sunsetted”

In our world, “sunsetting” is the delightful euphemism used by big software companies when they are putting one of their older software products out to pasture.  Many of [...]

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5 Key Manufacturing Benefits from Dynamics NAV (Business Central)

A New Jersey based consultancy called MetaOption provides some good insights today, well expressed, regarding some of the ways in which Dynamics NAV manufacturing functionality (now Business Central) [...]

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