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June, 2019

UpdateJune Edition

Summer!…  But no vacation for our Update monthly newsletter.  As providers of business software and consulting help, we’re out to inform our clients, partners and prospective customers year-round about the tools, people and software we utilize to make you more profitable and efficient.

We welcome your feedback at any time.  You can call us at 877.273.2444, or drop us an email at info@pssiusa.com.

Microsoft’s Move to the Cloud Will Only Accelerate

Did you see the recent broadcast of Sixty Minutes, highlighting how local towns, hospitals and businesses are being hit with ransomware attacks, and often capitulating to their demands after being brought to their knees?  (We’ve had clients call us over this same issue in the past couple years.)  And did you know, meanwhile, that Microsoft is said to spend over a billion dollars a year on internet security?

It’s no wonder that folks are giving serious consideration to moving critical operations to the cloud.  It’s also said that Microsoft now derives half its revenues from Azure and cloud sales.  If you’re hacked, you pull down one of your cloud-stored, secure backups and presto… you’re back in business.  You may lose a day or two of transactions, but considering the alternative… well, it just makes sense.

As well, cost of ownership for enterprise software continues to come down, as bundles of functionality sold by the user, by month, become the new standard.  Meanwhile, the “roles” embodied in solutions today like Dynamics 365 Business Central are more tightly aligned with what corporate and small business users need than ever before.  In other words, it’s never been easier or less expensive to launch an enterprise-wide accounting or business management software solution.

And that momentum will only continue to move in one direction: forward, into the cloud.

The Importance of Flexibility in Your Manufacturing Solution…

PSSI has been implementing ALERE manufacturing and accounting software now for over 25 years, and we still think it’s one of the best-priced, best-functioning manufacturing software products you can buy anywhere.

Users appreciate ALERE’s flexibility over many other systems.  Company President Rod Hatcher describes a typical example of the system’s combination of ease-of-use and flexibility, when compared to systems that lack the flexibility to change, say, a work order route or a bill of material to meet shop floor production realities.  Hatcher writes:

“Unlike ALERE which APPENDS routes and bills from a library and attaches them to the work order where they can be fully modified, other products link them to a route or bill. Thus, no changes can be made without cancelling the work order and starting a new one. The problems this introduces extend considerably beyond this short explanation. The substitution of materials is not naturally supported. The actual changes to in-process work order routes are denied. And on and on it goes. In the real world companies operate in, changes happen.”

Recently, TIW released a pretty sweet 7 minute Manufacturing Overview Video on YouTube that will give you a nice overview of what manufacturing software can do for you.  Click the link above to see why ALERE may be a great fit for your manufacturing operations.

To learn more, call us any time at 877.273.2444, or visit us on the web.

Click HERE to read our popular white paper “Software That Matters” on the ins and outs of purchasing an ERP System.

In this issue of Update

  • Microsoft’s Move to the Cloud Accelerates
  • Who Is PSSI?
  • Tips & Best Practices
  • The Importance of Flexibility in a Manufacturing Package
  • 7-Minute ALERE Manufacturing Software Overview VIDEO
  • Invoicing via Outlook with Microsoft Dynamics 365 (NAV) Integration
  • Free White Paper: Software That Matters
  • The Companies We Help

Who Are We?

Performance Software Solutions, Inc. is a northern Indiana-based reseller of enterprise accounting, manufacturing and distribution solutions from leading brands including Microsoft, TIW Technology and Sage Software.  We have been serving the small to midsize manufacturer and distributor, mostly across the Midwest, for over 30 years with a team of business consulting and software experts that is second to none.

PSSI specializes in helping manufacturing and distribution firms solve some of their most difficult process and technology problems.  Though we implement software solutions, we are most tightly focused on people, workflow and process improvement.  We’ve helped hundreds of companies like yours over the past 30 years improve their operations, process flows, automation strategies and their bottom lines.

Need help with your systems?  Learn more at www.pssiusa.com or call any us any time at 877.273.2444

Looking for some prudent advice before investing in software? Check out our Knowledge Bank.

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WHAT’S NEW? Updates on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly “Dynamics NAV”)… 

Did you know that Microsoft Dynamics 365 has the ability to integrate with Microsoft Outlook, allowing you to easily add information to emails like quotes and invoices? This Outlook integration makes it easier than ever for users to access customer, vendor, and item information from within Microsoft Outlook.

This Outlook to Dynamics pathway allows a user to go from quote to cash completely within Microsoft Outlook, without ever needing to switch screens or programs.  This functionality includes…

  • Entering a sales quote
  • Emailing the sales quote to a customer or prospect
  • Converting the sales quote into an invoice once a sale is made
  • Posting the sales invoice into Business Central
  • Converting the invoice into cash

Microsoft Outlook’s integration with Dynamics 365 means there’s no need to ever leave Outlook in order to perform this task. First, select the email in question and click Contact Insights in the ribbon at the top of your screen. This opens up the Business Central window on the right side of your screen. This window includes useful customer data, giving you an opportunity to look over a customer’s statistics (such as prior sales invoices) before providing them with a quote.

While we lack the space here to give you the last few steps, the rest is easy as you quickly and easily quote, invoice and post the order to your accounting system,

Today’s modern accounting and ERP systems are all about making business automation easier, more powerful, better integrated with common desktop tools, and just more efficient!

If you’re thinking about integrating Dynamics 365 into your business… or you just have questions about the process, or need advice and recommendations… call us any time at 877.273.2444, or visit us on the web.

We’re here to help!

Since 1987, PSSI has helped hundreds of companies implement software and improve their workflows through a very personal, hands-on, consultative partnership approach with our clients.

How do we help? With our emphasis on operations consulting, software implementation and ERP excellence in the manufacturing and distribution marketplace, we develop strategic, long-term relationship with our clients.  Our team becomes a part of your team, and we work together toward your success, regardless of how cliche that might sound in these jaded times.

Who do we help?  Folks like YOU!  All kinds of companies, particularly those in the Midwest engaged in manufacturing and distribution.

How do we do it?  It all starts with listening.  We meet with you to learn about your challenges and brainstorm creative solutions.  We return later to review our assessment with you and suggest one or more ways forward — solutions that make sense for your business and your budget.

For example, do you need help implementing bar-coding in your manufacturing operations, or perhaps your warehouse?  Our deeply experienced team will take you step-by-step through what you need to be thinking about, what steps need to be taken (in what order), and most importantly, work with you to determine exactly why you want to do it — ensuring that we are solving the real problem.

We take a similar approach to analyzing your current software systems… or to helping you schedule production for faster turnaround… or to building the right costing structure into your operations… or to helping you wrestle your inventory under control.  We have dozens of scenarios developed over decades where we can help.  

Okay, so you get the idea.  We know the territory, and as we’ve said for many years… We’re here to help!  To learn more, call us any time.  877.273.2444, or 574.239.2444.  Thanks for joining us today!

Larry Lukasik

Brian Sittley

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