Our Story

Sustainable. Reliable. Grounded in experience.

From a one-person startup way back in 1987 (originally as PMI, Productivity Management, Inc.) our company grew over the years to become one of the nation’s leading resellers of accounting and MRP software systems to the small and mid-sized business.

By 2000, we had been named the area’s Small Business of the Year, and had grown to a team of over two dozen business and software professionals, implementing hundreds of software systems for clients across the United States.

indiana erp

As we grew, we increasingly focused on the needs of manufacturers and distributors.  With our Midwest location, it just made sense. Today, as PSSI (Performance Software Solutions, Inc.) we help Midwestern firms implement manufacturing, distribution and warehouse management systems in ways that reduce inventory costs, improve workflows, consolidate information and lean out those operations for improved operational efficiencies.

Even though we’re a software company, we learned long ago to focus on the business first.  At the heart of our mission is improving the operations, efficiency and profitability of our clients.  We just happen to utilize the best technology solutions to help us do that. They’re not the goal, they’re simply tools in the kit that allow us to focus on what our clients need to grow their businesses.  Our people and our tools, combined with yours, are what ultimately allow us to create the win-wins that have kept us in business helping clients for so long.