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Most companies invest significantly in their CRM solutions; not all stop to ensure that they’re getting the most from their investment.

A CRM Assessment – as a subset of a Business Process Analysis — can help identify key strategic and technical criteria in your organization, and help to determine how effectively you are deploying your CRM solution.  Among topics to be considered:

Roadmap Review: Do you even have a CRM roadmap?  Does it tightly align with your firm’s business directions?  What roadmap changes will improve the alignment?

Baseline User Review: Do users find your CRM system to be intuitive and easy to use?  If not, what changes need to be made, and at what cost?

Organizational/Operational Assessment: Dig into cultural issues to determine whether users see “what’s in it for me?”  Without buy-in from the top down and a clear sense of why we’re doing this, CRM initiatives are doomed to misuse, lack of use or failure.

Business Process Analysis: Does your CRM integrate well with your key business processes?  Select a small handful of “key” business processes within your organization, and determine whether these are well implemented in your CRM system.  Odds are, only a few really are.

A Business Process Analysis, whether it’s just about your CRM, or takes a broader look at the overall integration of your technology initiatives with your business goals, typically takes a couple weeks to complete, including two or three days of on-site interviews and analysis by experienced analysts who can quickly cut to the heart of your organization’s key needs and strategies, and develop a comprehensive, written summary of recommendations that will act as your roadmap and priority list for your profit-improvement action plan.

Its result can impact how your business operates — and the profits it retains — for years to come.  It’s one of the most valuable engagements you can enlist to help ensure that your CRM, your technology and your people are all truly aligned with your business’s purpose, strategies and goals.

A decent consultant/analyst can help make the process a doable part of your New Year’s resolutions.

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