Bidness, and Other Current Economic Realities

Our 1000th Post: A Time For Change!

This blog came to life on August 11, 2009 and now, ten years on, it’s time to say adieu. When you start something like this, you have no idea [...]

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30 Years of ERP Advice Boiled Down to 1 Page

So here we are at our blog’s post number 999.  That’s a good opportunity to put some final summary thoughts to our years of ERP blogging by suggesting [...]

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Is Your Job Safe… Or Are You Among the ‘Precariat’?

“As technology drives people out of the middle class, economists say, it’s pushing them in one of two directions. Those with the right skills or education graduate into [...]

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A New Year…a NEW Website!

Rather than our usual business/tech post today we’d like to announce that Productivity Strategies & Solutions, Inc. (PSSI) has at long last launched our new website, which you’ll [...]

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Nowadays, Everybody Needs a VPN

The internet is a dangerous place.  You never know who’s watching you.  If you’re in a coffee shop using the public Wi-Fi router there, you’re wide open… to [...]

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Jobs of the Future Going Unfilled in Cybersecurity, and It’s Going to Get Worse

According to a career website focused on cybersecurity called CyberSeek, there are currently over 300,000 unfilled cybersecurity jobs in the U.S.  A separate 2017 study forecast a global [...]

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Jobs Are At Stake and the World is Changing: The Promise and Peril of AI

In a recent article entitled “The Human Promise of the AI Revolution,” the former President of Google China and current CEO of Sinovation Ventures, Kai-Fu Lee, says that [...]

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Tools You Can Use To Improve Your Ability To Make Decisions

Some practical advice today, courtesy of Steven Johnson, author of a new book titled “Farsighted,” which explores our human decision making processes, and the biases that often entangle [...]

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The Power of Models to Run the World (Conclusion of our Prior Post)

In our prior post we highlighted the comments of two well-known hedge fund investors as they describe the shift from a world often dominated by software to the [...]

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Software May Have “Eaten the World,” But the Model-Driven Business Will Be Next

In a famous essay in 2011 Netscape founder and venture capitalist Marc Andreessen notoriously wrote about “Why Software is Eating the World.”  He was right.  Companies he identified [...]

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