We can help you migrate your system.

While the product known as “Sage Pro” has long been phased out by its parent company, Sage Software, we continue to support the many clients who run this modifiable software solution.  Our team has over 20 years’ experience implementing, customizing and tailoring Pro to fit each client’s unique needs. If you run Pro, and you need some help, we’re your team.

If you’re looking to move up from Pro to one of today’s more modern solutions, our team’s deep knowledge of Pro will help ensure a successful transition from old tech to new.  We can provide you with choices and a clear upgrade path to a more modern, complete solutions. Just ask us!

For many years PSSI was among the leading U.S. resellers for Sage Pro (formerly ACCPAC or SBT) Accounting Systems.  We still have many clients running Pro today, and though the ranks are slowly thinning, we continue to support them all.


support from pssi

In recent years, PSSI has helped many Pro clients migrate – customizations, data and all – from their old systems to one of today’s much more modern systems, including alternative solutions like Microsoft Dynamics NAV (now Business Central) or TIW ALERE, with successful results.

Talk to us.  If you need help with your old SBT/ACCPAC/Sage Pro software, we can help — quickly.

Or we can support your old Pro while helping you migrate to a new system that is light years beyond Pro – for a lot less money than you might think.  After all, nobody has known Pro better or longer, than us.