Five Ways to Convince Your Boss That You Need a New ERP System

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Posted by: briansittley Comments: 0 0 Post Date: September 10, 2015

convince erpERP Consultants Panorama Consulting recently posted 5 signs that a business needs a new software management system, posing them under the guise of “ways to convince your boss…”  Despite any assumed ruse here, the business points are well taken anyways, and we reprise them below as they reinforce the business case regardless.

  1. Focus on costs, benefits and ROI. First and foremost, executives want to hear things in terms of tangible dollars and cents.  Focus on the potential for reducing “hard” dollars in areas like software or hardware maintenance, reduced labor and elimination of redundancy (and spreadsheets!)
  2. Leverage your business and operational peers to build a strong case. If you can get a high-level evangelist on your team from the C-level suite, it will help build your cause and spread the word among their peers, by “selling” it without having to go it alone.
  3. Consider the status quo and alternatives to a new ERP system as viable options. “As a broad generalization, executives like to see a variety of options.  You may feel as though a new ERP system is the only viable option – and it very well may be – but you want to demonstrate to your superiors that you have carefully thought through and analyzed different possibilities,” notes Panorama.
  4. Focus on the “how” in addition to the “what” and “why.” “Getting to the right decision on which path to pursue is relatively easy when compared to how to get there.  In other words, a complete and well thought out analysis and recommendation will consider how the proposed solution will get done.”  Outline the implementation and how it will look based upon what you know at least so far.
  5. Don’t wait until it’s too late. “Good decisions are rarely made when under the gun with limited time.  With this in mind, it is important to make and build support for your recommendations well before you are in a time crunch to make the changes.”  In other words, don’t wait until your current system has become fully unsupported or discontinued, or support is no longer available, to start your new system initiative.  Done right, the process takes months – and commitment.  Time yours accordingly.

For Panorama’s full article, you can go here.

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