Free Summer 2015 Interns for Indiana Manufacturers

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Posted by: briansittley Comments: 0 0 Post Date: February 17, 2015

conexus_logoIf you are an Indiana based manufacturer, you’ll want to know about this.
Conexus Indiana is a workforce initiative funded by the state of Indiana aimed at helping manufacturers find and align resources, take advantage of procurement opportunities and generally advance the state of manufacturing in Indiana. They’re supported by major universities like Purdue and Notre Dame, as well as many major public manufacturing firms.  We’ve recommended them previously for their handy supplier opportunity postings, where firms can get insights about who is looking to buy what.
In their most recent newsletter, Conexus Indiana announced a program that will help companies start high school internship programs in their firms.  They will even provide the funding for up to 80 interns across central and northeast Indiana in 2015.  You can learn more about this new program at the Conexus website here.
As the Conexus website states:

“The State of Indiana awarded Conexus Indiana an Innovative Curriculum grant to launch an advanced manufacturing and logistics (AML) high school internship program which is fully compliant with state and federal insurance and labor laws.  This program uses an industry-driven framework that allows for broad-based implementation across Indiana.  Called the “Conexus Interns Program,” the goal of the program is to convert current advanced manufacturing and logistics (AML) students to employees or post-secondary student in the AML field.”

The application can be downloaded here.
Interested manufacturing companies can also call Tracey Everett at Conexus in Indianapolis at 317-236-6275.
We think it’s a great way to acquire and start training your future workforce, and encourage any interested readers to contact Conexus directly if you’re looking for an intern or two this summer.

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