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Posted by: briansittley Comments: 0 0 Post Date: March 19, 2010

Well, it finally happened. 

Our Blog went viral.  Well, sort of.  We had our 15 minute brush with fame.  We saw firsthand the viral power of the Internet, in our little, tiny, microcosmic sort of way.  I’ll explain.

For several months, we saw a gradual uptick in hits.  Going from 3 or 4 per post, to maybe 6 or 8, then 15 or 20, and then 30 or so.  One day in February, I was shocked to see we’d gotten a whopping 59 hits.  Wow.  We’d been doubling every couple weeks for a couple months.  Still, 59 is a pretty small number.

Until February 25th.

On that day, I published an unassuming little article about multitasking, after seeing an episode of PBS’ Frontline.   The article in question was written two or three weeks before the day it was actually posted.  Never gave it a second thought.   Truth be told, I often write articles several days, or even weeks, ahead of publication.  (That way, I’m not struck dumb by Writer’s Block on the day a post should be written.  I try to build a little buffer.) 

Until February 25th.

That morning, I came into work, checked the dashboard, and noticed a whopping 129 hits.  Double-Wow.  What gives, I wondered?  A short while later, I got this lovely notification from the gods at (Who are these guys, anyway?), congratulating me on the fact that my post had been elevated to that day’s WordPress home page.  Kind of like making the front page of the paper, to use an ancient 20th century metaphor.

Then I started getting comments.  And more comments.  I checked the dashboard throughout the day.  129 hits eventually grew to one thousand, seven hundred sixty-five.  Huh?  Triple-Wow.  By noon the next day (that is, at the moment I am writing this) we got another 763 hits, and something like 42 comments from readers all over the world.  Not a one of whom I’ve ever met.

Funny, “only” 763 as of mid-day seems like such a downer now.  I think our tail is fading.  Will we ever be the same again?  Truth be told, it’s a humbling experience, in a giddy kind of way.  Mostly, I just do this to let clients and prospective clients in on what’s happening in tech and business that I find interesting.  In the most oblique of fashions, it kind of supports our official business website — in a decidedly non-commercial sort of way. 

Now, let’s be honest: even 2,500 is not a lot of hits.  Heck, there’s a lady in Texas who blogs about shoes — shoes — and she gets 75,000 hits a day!  Shoes.  (OK, I’m not a woman, so forgive me for not ‘getting’ it about the shoes things.)

When I started this, I thought 50 hits would be a great day.  How we’ll ever top 2,500 is beyond me.  Heck, why it even happened is beyond me.  That’s OK.  Ignorance can keep you humble.  We all need that.  I need that. 

But it sure made for the most interesting February 25th in my memory.

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  • Carlton Stith Reply

    Congratulations. That is exactly how I found your page and I have been enjoying your blogs ever since. Keep up the great work.

    March 19, 2010 at 9:14 am

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