I Need A Dumptruck Mama to Unload My Head

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Posted by: briansittley Comments: 2 0 Post Date: August 28, 2009

info overload

With all due credit to Mr. Dylan (“Buick 6”), I’m beginning to believe the secret to life is… discernment.  Making the distinction between what’s valid and the noise that surrounds it.  That’s right, I’m talkin’ Information Overload.

In an article by William Van Winkle, a Portland, WA freelance tech writer, “a Sunday edition of the New York Times carries more information than the average 19th-century citizen accessed in his entire life.”

Let’s not even talk about magazines, TV, cable and of course, email and the Internet.  The article cites previous studies that associate I.O. with cardiovascular stress, weakened vision, confusion, impaired judgment based on overconfidence, and something called “decreased benevolence.”  Apparently, all this data (these data? that datum?) makes us as brusque as a native New Yorker.

Suggested tonics include watching your phone time, reducing paper, getting organized, keeping meetings short, killing your TV, unlisting your phone (how ’bout ditching the cell?), pitching junk mail, developing a hobby, minimizing your web activities…

Or maybe, to come full circle, listening to Dylan?  What works for you?  Unload, please, unload…

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  • No See Um Reply

    You said to unload, so I am unloading. That’s a loaded request. I am not sure if you want tunes or more, so here goes:

    1. You, or I, need to write a book, but I don’t know what the topic should be. Tourons in the Caribbean?
    2. You are very, very smart. I’d venture to say, brilliant, and a quite talented writer. Smarty pants!
    3. I don’t understand about half of which you write about, but I am not getting my panties in a bundle over it.
    4. MP banned cell phone usage inside Connections. It’s just rude and stressful to employees. They yell and scream in Patois.
    5. My IPod is full of Mary J. Blige, Alecia Keys, Jerry Garcia, and a TON of weird Bob Tis’ mixes.
    6. I think I need a vacation.
    7. Saw my brother in town today, and we had a nice chat, then my boyfriend tried to run me over with his pick-up truck.

    P.S.: Lime Inn had 64 pounds of live lobsters delivered by mistake today, they only needed 20#. Chris had it on sale at 10 per pound, but I can’t murder a live lobster, plus I am eating my way through my fridge and freezer sine I SOON GONE! Give a hug to J. from me.

    August 28, 2009 at 7:27 pm
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