I.T. Trends in 2017

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In the third annual “Business IT Trends Annual Report,” with trends supported by findings by Gartner and International Data Corp. (IDC), analysts researched IT budgets across a variety of industries in a survey of businesses large and small.  Some key findings included:

  • Over a third of survey respondents reported spending about equal to that in 2016, and 37% reported an increase in 2017 over the previous year. On average, all industries planned to spend more on IT in 2017.
  • One-third plan to invest in technology “across the board.” 28% said they’ll invest in “hardware, software and cloud technologies.”
  • The highest growth rate was in health care, followed closely by manufacturing and finance.
  • To no one’s surprise, on the hardware side, desktops, laptops, servers and Wi-Fi were the most popular areas of expenditure.
  • Security, operating systems and backup ranked high in software.
  • Close on their heels, productivity and database software expenditures were quoted by one in four respondents.
  • Over 60% are spending on hardware and the same figure is spending on software. About 40% were spending on ‘cloud.’

Overall IT spending trends were up in 2017, and the authors suggested that the amounts varied between those who simply wanted to “stay up to date” versus those who “rely on technology as a core component of their service and view it as an asset rather than a necessary fixed cost.”
Reported expenditure amounts in the small business sector appear to have ranged from “under $10,000” to over $200,000 (the two highest dollar-class categories, respectively).  About one in ten reported they simply “did not know.”

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