Keeping Up With The Joneses (or Your Competitors)

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Posted by: briansittley Comments: 0 0 Post Date: December 30, 2009

Information Week Magazine in its Dec. 21 issue published some interesting data on how companies are approaching I.T. expenditures in 2010.  (The full report is available free at the link above, for a limited time.)  Among its key findings from a survey of 360 technology pros…

* 38% will put more emphasis on I.T. projects that cut costs

* 31% will put greater emphasis on I.T. projects that support growth

* 31% will have no change in the focus on growth vs. cost-cutting projects

* Separately, they noted that “in tough times” 35% of companies asked I.T. to “tighten more” than any other company departments, while 22% were asked to tighten less.”

* 45% will increase investment in customer-facing projects (i.e., Ecommerce initiatives, CRM, etc.)

* 51% say I.T. demand is rising as business units need help automating and improving processes.

Despite, or because of, the economy’s effects, server virtualization (discussed here in an earlier post) is the top area where more respondents indicated they would “do it” in 2010 — more so than any other area including tele/video-conferencing, Software as a Service, cloud computing, and offshore sourcing.

In 2010, it will be all about achieving greater efficiencies, and aligning I.T. with business strategies.  Was there ever a doubt?

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