Microsoft Debuts a Windows 10 Preview

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Posted by: briansittley Comments: 0 0 Post Date: January 27, 2015

windows10Last week, Microsoft Corporation unveiled its Windows 10 operating system as well as its new browser, which will succeed Internet Explorer, and is code-named Spartan.  Bloomberg, among other outlets, reported the news, which was relayed via a web posting at on Wednesday.  We’ll reprise a few highlights to get you ready, since its actual release is not slated until sometime later this year.

  • The new Windows update will also bring “Cortana” a voice activated digital assistant (think: Siri).
  • It will have touch-enabled Office apps including Word and Excel built-in for phones and tablets.
  • Customers owning Windows 8.1, Phone 8.1, or Windows 7 will be entitled to a free copy.
  • A new photo app will aggregate your entire photo collection across devices and eliminate dups.
  • Microsoft will add support for storing music files in its One Drive cloud storage system, allowing access to one’s music from all devices.
  • Microsoft announced “Windows Holographic” and “Hololens” (a headset with glasses) that will enable a user to see holographs while tracking a user’s voice, actions and surroundings.
  • Users will be able to annotate websites using stylus, touch, mouse or keyboard and share comments via email or social media.
  • They also announced the Surface Hub, an 84 inch (!) touch-screen computer designed for workplace collaboration that will run Win10.
  • Microsoft will start delivering Windows “as a service” to keep customers’ versions up to date and supported. As one VP noted: “The question ‘what version are your running?’ will cease to make sense.”
  • A new Xbox app for Win10 will allow streaming of games from Xbox to PCs.

Those in the know say this whole initiative is an effort by Microsoft under new CEO Satya Nadella to “win back consumers and keep business customers happy” after the disappointing release of Windows 8 which, in its effort to please everyone as a cross-platform O/S, seemed to please few indeed.
No release date has been given officially for Windows 10 as yet, though many have hinted at late this year.   Test versions however are already being used at various beta sites.
Stay tuned, and we’ll let you know more as we learn more…

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