New Release Details on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

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Posted by: briansittley Comments: 0 0 Post Date: October 29, 2015

NAV 2016 LOGOA team of PSSI staff just attended the annual Microsoft Dynamics NAV “Directions” conference this past week in Orlando.  We were able to get an up-close view of some of the new features of the just-released NAV 2016 version.  NAV clients will only be that much happier with the great strides being made in NAV these days.  New features include:

  • Out of the box OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capabilities, coupled with a basic, inherent document management system. One more step on the paperless office trail.  You’ll be able to send electronic documents through the document exchange service, and get confirmations that they were actually delivered to the customer.  (More on this below.)
  • Workflows: Clients can now build their own customized workflows or create new ones out of the box.
  • CRM: More advanced CRM capabilities, including the ability to see data in tables. Native integration with Dynamics CRM online.
  • BI: New “content packs” that can provide dashboards of sales and financial information.
  • New “native apps” for all form factors (phones, tablets, keyboards) running iOS, Android or Windows.
  • The continued evolution of cloud capabilities, including accessing MS SQL on Azure.
  • Financials improvements including posting previews, deferrals, and Positive Pay.
  • For the techies: a new code editor that includes Intellisense code completion.

Illuminating the move to a more paperless world, the online forum described the newest workflow capabilities of Dynamics NAV in this way:
“[NAV 2016] would help businesses automate processes a new workflow engine that will simplify the implementation of capabilities like cloud-based invoice filing and electronic storage.
With some template set up, the NAV 2016 software should be able to automatically scan and strip data from invoices stored as electronic files using optical character recognition (OCR technology), freeing businesses from costly and time-consuming manual invoice entry. Data extracted from invoice files is easily searchable, and the original files are stored within NAV 2016 itself.”
Software continues to change and evolve rapidly and once again Microsoft’s Dynamics NAV product is embracing new workflow thinking and increased automation of business tasks that will lead to improved workflow, increased capacity, better customer service and a growing bottom line for businesses around the world.

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