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Since 1987, PSSI has specialized in serving the unique business and information needs of the small to midsize manufacturer and distributor, utilizing a team of experts with decades of experience in lean manufacturing and a toolkit comprised of some of the industry’s most advanced software solutions.

We understand manufacturing, distribution, warehousing and data collection, and we know that profits and productivity lie first and foremost in getting the production processes down right, and then ensuring that the support systems behind them – the reporting, the financial software and the shop floor workflows – work together.

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Work With You

We begin by seeking understanding.  By listening. We want to know what defines success for your business.

Utilizing a proven methodology for identifying key business challenges, our team of senior business consultants and firm principals works closely with your key personnel to analyze and map the way you work.  With you, we identify workflow requirements and process improvement opportunities. Only then do we begin to compile recommendations about potential improvements and future process flows.

The resulting Summary of Recommendations becomes the roadmap for all that follows… from shop floor automation and warehouse management to material requirements planning and financial reporting.  It becomes your blueprint for a manufacturing ERP system, done right.